Saturday, February 2, 2013

Jayce at 6 months!

Oh my gosh! I can't believe that my tiniest baby is already 6 months old! Time has passed so fast!
We took him to the doctor on Monday for his 6 month check up. He is a whopping 17.6 lbs (50%) and 27.5 (90%) inches tall! He is growing like a weed!
A little info:
-He still isn't rolling over (a 4 month thing doc isn't worried though)
-He sits by himself for about a minute or so before falling down
-He has torticollis, but is doing so much better and NO helmet! :)
-His feet were extremely turned in at birth but are doing much better. We are having therapy for the neck and feet.
-He LOVES his big brother! They sure are a pair. Jayce watches EVERYTHING Rodney does. He watches his every move and I'm pretty sure he wishes he could do it too.
-He doesn't sleep through the night. He STILL wakes up about every 3 hours. This is something we are working on very strongly!
-He loves his food! He is a lot pickier than Rodney ever was but he will still eat.
-He is a BIG mama's boy! He loves his daddy, but he will get mad if I walk away from him. If I leave the room I have to take him with me or he throws a fit.
-He is the droolingest kid I have ever met! He is like a leaky faucet that never turns off!
-You can't find his chin!
-He LOVES to cuddle (which as you can imagine I won't complain about)
-He is such a sweetheart and I love being his mommy!!!

 I love my boys and I am so thankful that Heavenly Father trusted me with his boys. These boys have blessed my life more than I ever thought possible.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Jayce Allen

I know I am a little behind, but that's what happens when you go from one to two kids, and everyone gets sick 3 times since we came home from the hospital.  Our baby boy was born on July 28.  We named him Jayce Allen. He was 8lbs 4 oz, and 22 inches long. He is still long and skinny.  We love this boy, he has been such a blessing to us! We had a rough start though. He was born with a collapsed lung. It was so scary, he came out blue and didn't make a sound. We were so worried about him. Right after he was born and he started crying they listened to his lungs and found that no air was going through one. So they let me kiss him and then took him right over to the NICU. Ryan went with him and gave him a blessing with my brother in law. I am so grateful that I have a husband who holds the Priesthood! We weren't allowed to hold him or make any noise while in the room to visit him.  It was so hard to see my baby laying there and me know I couldn't do anything to help him. With Rodney it is easy, most of the time a KISS fixes EVERYTHING!! But a kiss wouldn't fix that.

 The next morning the doctor came in and said we could go visit Jayce for a few minutes. We went in as they were getting ready to do another chest x-ray. So we waited a few more minutes. After they had finished we went in to see him. About 20 minutes later the doctor pulled us out of the room and told us that over night the lung had fixed itself and that he is breathing with both lungs now. She went on to tell us that he was working so hard that they never had to give him oxygen. She believed that this is how he ended up correcting it himself, because they didn't intervene. I am so grateful that my baby didn't have to have any extra help getting this problem fixed. I am also grateful for Priesthood blessings, for Ryan and my family! I love them all so much!

We were able to take him home on day 3. It was so nice to be able to have him at home! They told us to be careful about going out and about. They didn't want him to get sick and have to come back. Ha ha ha little did we know we would get sick anyway.  It has been a long 2 months, but it has gone by so fast! I can't believe I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. They grow up so fast!
Well here are a few pictures.
 Can you believe an 8 lb baby was in there?

I am finally a 10! Only took 6 hours!

 Before they took him to the NICU

 In the NICU our first time really getting to hold him.

 proud daddy!

 Rodney's first time seeing Jayce

He loved holding him and wanted to give him a big kiss!

 First family pic

 He wanted my bracelet so the nurse got him a big brother bracelet

on our way home!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I did it!

Okay, I did it, now it's your turn to feel happy inside! Go try it seriously. It made me feel so much better about myself!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skinny Wraps!

So for all of you followers out there I wanted to let you know I am a rep for the It Works Skinny Wrap company. 

What is a Skinny Wrap?

The wrap is an all-natural, site specific detox “patch” that tones, tightens, and firms the skin where applied. It works to pull toxins out of the fat cells and one of the side effects in most people is inch loss. Most people see results in as little as 45 minutes with progressive results for 72 hours.

One wrap shows results, however for best results 1 treatment, 4 wraps, is recommended.
These wraps are placed anywhere you would like to lose a few inches.

Placement locations:
1. Arms
2. Thighs
3. Stomach
4. Under your chin
5. Bum
6. (My location) the love handles or hips

Several women use these after a pregnancy to help tighten the stomach. Yes, this is safe to use while breastfeeding, however, like any treatment it is best to talk to your doctor first.
There have been amazing results! I will be posting my pictures soon.

Are you interested?

The cost is 25 dollars for one wrap or you can order them on my website for 99 dollars for the full treatment (4wraps). Unless you become a loyal customer.  This means you get discounted products.  The only requirement is that you purchase 3 items over the next three months. 

The only thing you need to do is. This is a detox so in order for you to get rid of the toxins you must drink lots water for the first 72 hours.

What I will do
I will measure you, take a before picture, wrap you, wait 45 mins, unwrap you, remeasure, and take another picture.

Any questions? If you are interested please let me know!
To host a party:
 If you would like to host a party get 3 friends to sign up to be wrapped and you will receive 1 wrap for free. I will travel for these parties if you are located in Boise or Utah.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Independence Day

This 4th we went to my in laws house and celebrated Rodney and my nephews birthday.  We had so much fun playing out in the sun, swimming, catching butterflies, jumping on the tramp, and for me sun bathing, although I didn't bring my swimsuit.  I didn't want to show off my 9 month pregnant body... he he.. Here are a few pictures.

 His new farm and tractor set
 He loves his "howses"
 Swimming in the pool.
 weeding the garden with grandpa (yes, I know my boy is naked.  I have heard it is the best way to potty train.)
 Rodney's birthday cake.  I tried to get creative.  It is hard when your not very good at coming up with ideas.  I attempted to do Bob the Builder, but I couldn't find the right kinda tractor so we had to get creative. Oh and yes, the saw and hammer are candles.  I thought they were adorable!
 Playing with cousins in the teepee
 enjoying a good festive cookie
 blowing out the candles
I am more grateful now than ever for the freedoms I have and am able to enjoy.  I am so blessed to live in this country.  Thanks to all those who serve our country including the officers who serve and protect our country from the inside.  I only hope and pray that we continue to have the freedoms now and forever!

I am proud to be an American!

Friday, June 22, 2012


My sister came up to visit us 2 weeks ago.  It was so nice to see her.  While she was up here Ryan happened to have the time off to go camping.  It was my last trip I get to take to the mountains until the baby is born.  It was so much fun fishing, swimming in the hot spots, and freezing our bums off.  You would think it would be safe in JUNE to go camping and not get snowed on.  Oh well it was still fun.  Here are a few pics. 

 Making dinner
 Looking for wood

 Playing peek a boo in the tent

 That was one smoky fire!
What a ham!! He had so much fun camping with his aunt TT!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

To bed.. to bed...!

Well a few weeks ago we decided it was time to start transitioning Rodney to a "Big boy bed."  We thought it would be a lot harder than it has been.  I started by getting him a book at the library called my "My Big Boy Bed."  He loved this book and was so sad when we took it back.  Then while my sister was visiting we put the bed together.  He has loved that bed from the minute we put it up.  He was so excited he kept saying "mine bed."  It is the perfect little bed for him.  It is only about a foot off the ground so it is very easy for him to climb in and out without hurting himself, and if he rolls off the bed it is just a short way.  Here are a few pictures I took of him enjoying his bed.

 One tired little boy!
 Aunt TT sleeping just after we set the bed up.  Rodney was so excited that he had to get all of his cars out because they were sleepy too.